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[This is outdated just remember, any modern computer is more than powerful enough to run charting software].

The Bottom Line - A Good Computer System for Daytraders

Okay, so what should you buy? Here are our recommendations for an excellent system. For details and specifics, review our Shopping List. All components listed here are minimums, but a good starting point for keeping your costs low, yet delivering an excellent computer system that will last many years.

  • 500 MHz processor - AMD or Pentium III
  • 128 Mg Memory
  • 16 Mg Minimum Video Memory
  • Hard Drive - UDMA/66 Recommended - 10 Gb or better
  • Monitor - 17" (min) - 26 dot pitch (or less)
  • Modem - 56k v.90

Adding the components we suggest in our shopping list totals approximately $1,400.00 - $1,600.00, including monitor. Remember this review is a starting point. Buy quality and you will have a computer system you can rely on when the going gets tough. [Update, you can get a system that's so much better than this tody, for roughly the same amount of money!]

A preconfigured system is fine, if you keep your components in the quality range we've outlined. Pricing will be higher (most likely) but it may be worth it, if you'd rather not hand pick your components.

You can also do well with the better computer companies such as Dell and Gateway. Their service is outstanding, but you will pay for the brand name.

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