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General Trading Q & A

1) What size account balance do I need to trade the S&P 500?

2)  Iím a beginning trader.  Should I use the Daytraderís Bulletin Signals?

3)  How much profit can I expect to make trading a 3-contract set?

4)  How will I know when to stay out of the market?

5)  Why do you trade the S&P 500 so frequently and the other futures so infrequently?

6)  How many ďgoodĒ trading opportunities are there, on average, in the S&P 500 every week?

7)  If too many people subscribe to the Daytraderís Bulletin Signals, wonít that have a negative effect on getting reasonable fills at your buy and sell points?

8)  Why do you only offer a 1-week free trial?

9)  I can't hear the sounds when a new Real-Time Signal is broadcast.

10) Can I choose a different sound than the default used on the demo page?

11) What is slippage and how is it calculated?

12) What does "Flash Fill" mean?

13) What is a Turning Point?

14)  Could you explain to me advantages or reasons SP futures are used instead of SP options?

15) What are Halves and Handles?

16) Can you explain Fair Value?

17) In your daily charting do you use 1-minute ticks?

18) Would larger stops be a mistake,considering high volatility, smaller contract (i.e. E-mini), and moving up to the large contract?

19) Doesn't the TRIN give better direction than volume?

20) Would appreciate knowing what parameters you use when setting up your Bollinger Bands (w/ the goal of price-bar penetration signaling a (pending) reversal)?

21) Also, do these parameters vary according to the time-frame you are trading (ie, 1min different than 5min, different than 30min, different than 60min, different than daily, etc.)?

22) Who are the traders that send the signals?

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