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  Dayraders and position traders: We all use software and need good quality programs to help our trading day run smoothly. We install and test software regularly  

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 Clocks & Timing Utilities

Clock Utility and synchronization. This is a great program for those of you that like to keep close tabs on things. This version can teach itself to adjust your computer's clock based on the typical lag time after you have run it a few times. You can display five clocks, so I keep tabs on my local time, Chicago, New York, Paris and Toyoko.
(Win95/98/NT) A replacement for the taskbar. This is an excellent replacement clock utility for your usual taskbar clock. If set to display military time in the format: ddd, d MMM yyyy HH:mm:ss (Sun, 7, Feb 1999 15:11:49), it is easy to synch with our Time Stamp at a glance. Another great feature is Show CPU Usage and System Memory Load. If you push your computer to the limit, this allows you to see at a glance when it might be prudent to shut an application down to avoid a crash.


Listpic (Freeware)

Check your charts at a glance. All traders have a lot of charts, but once you save them, how often do you go back to view them?

Excellent viewing utility. Choose a directory that holds some images, click the create html button, click the view button and you are done!

  Miscellaneous Utilities

SnagIt (Shareware)

You want to print just part of the web page you're viewing. Launch SnagIt, hit the key combination - Ctrl-Shift P and your mouse pointer changes to a crosshair. Starting where you want the capture to begin, right click and hold, then drag to contain the area you want in your graphic. When you let go of the mouse, your chosen area will be immediately printed.

A simple and quick way to print out those free charts. Set the preferences as follows:

Input - Region
Output - Printer
Output - Properties - GIF
Tools - Image Capture
Hot Key is Ctrl-Shift P

You can also choose to Output to a file and save the graphic.

NetPad Icon NetPad
Sorry, but NetPad is no longer available.
Keep track of all those bits and pieces of information in a searchable database. Simply drag and drop and all your ideas, trading tips, and pieces of information you've found are waiting in your note pad. Once you get used to this utility, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.
This program is what the Windows Explorer should have been (you still have Explorer, you'll just never use it again). Integrated viewer enables you to see the contents (text and/or graphics) of files without needing to open them (supports 80 file types). Open multiple windows for easy drag and drop of files. Quickly access your favorite programs with a fully customizable menu bar.
Want two monitors? This is the next best thing. Absolutely the best little utility I've seen in a long time. Clever and simple: instantly doubles the width of your Windows desktop! Once installed you can drag an application partway to the right, then switch to the right desktop and finish dragging it the rest of the way. Now, you can flip back and forth between the two. Excellent way to double your monitor space.
Do you have a 17" or larger monitor? Ever notice that you cannot resize the tiny dialog boxes when you need to open or save a file? File-Ex changes all that when it automatically enlarges and enhances the File Open and File Save dialogs of nearly all Windows applications, and the Win95/98 version adds support for long file names in Windows 3.x applications. It also adds handy file management functions to the dialogs, plus Recent and Favorite file/folder lists, and more features designed to save your time


Reminders for Windows 95/NT is a small utility that provides a simple means of creating on-screen reminders for important events. We use this for our Cycle Turning Points. Event reminders are triggered when the specified time and date occurs. Reminders can be created to trigger messages on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. Reminders can also be used to launch programs at a scheduled time. Sound files (WAVs) can be assigned to reminder messages and scheduled program launches to give an audible warning when events occur.

Browser and Internet Utilities

SpeedResearch Browser Best individual browser for keeping track of your investments and current trades. Complete links to hundreds of web sites. Customize with your own links and favorite pages.

Stay Connected

ISP knocking you off-line? Now you can Stay Connected with AOL, NetZero or any other ISP until you want to log off. No more "limited" unlimited access.
Bookmark utility bar none. I visit so many web sites, my bookmarks end up taking a considerable amount of time to keep straight, and then I still can never figure out where I cleverly thought to put them. This little gem removes the need to categorize your bookmarks at all. It utilizes a database so you can find your saved web sites by keywords. Type in the first few letters of either the site's name, or words that might be associated and a list of every site matching shows up. Neat and simple. I can't do without it.
Ever wonder why you suddenly can't get to a web site? Try using NeoTrace to find out wherein lies the trouble: A high-speed graphical traceroute with integrated whois and ping. It is extremely fast, simple to use and returns a wealth of information. Excellent for detecting network problems and finding net information, it is also a great tool for spam hunters.
Copernic 99
Freeware and
Shareware versions
Internet Search Utility. Forget one search engine at a time, this powerful program will search the entire Internet, or you can request certain areas to be searched. It then presents you with a list of those sites matching the criteria. Simultaneously search sites such as AltaVista and Yahoo, so you don't have to go from one search engine to another. Best of all, your results are saved, so you can go back and refer to a search again.
Sam Spade
Great Internet utility with multiple features including ping, trace route, e-mail header analysis (stop those spammers), website search (search an entire website for a specific word), and much more. Use trace route when a site is not responding. If no computer is reachable, it may be your ISP connection has been disconnected, so try shutting down your connection and then reconnecting. (Do this even if the on-line status indicates you are on-line, it doesn't always tell the truth). Excellent utility we use every day.

Shareware/ Freeware
What's the Difference?

Freeware is free, you never need pay the developer for use of the software. Shareware is not free, but is usually very inexpensive ($5 on up). You may use shareware for as long as the program developer indicated when you installed the program (usually 30 days), and after that period of time you are expected to either register and pay or discontinue using the software.

Some shareware will become disabled after the trial period, but most programs will continue to work but will display nag screens (nagging you to register). We cannot provide support for these utilities but can help with downloading and/or installation questions if you are not familiar with the process. Additionally all of the web sites indicated have much more detail on the programs mentioned above.

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