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If you are a day trader looking for an edge, you've found an excellent resource in the Daytrader's Bulletin. We trade the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 futures indexes, every trading day.

Our approach is based on basic, time honored trading principals and the discipline to use those principals to our best advantage. To get the most from our web site follow this plan:

  1. Sign up for a Free Trial to the Real-Time Signals with Commentary, Overnight Updates and Mentor Updates. - Actual Real-Time trade signals for Entries, Management and Exits. Specific price levels, stop placement, risk/loss parameters and rules for fast markets.

    These trades are followed and taken by brokers and experienced traders, and can be paper traded by novice traders. As we see trades setting up, we point out these setups and comment frequently through the trading day. We have received many positive responses to this commentary, since it offers a "birds-eye-view" and market education in itself.

    During your free trial:

  2. Review The Guide to Daytrading Profits - Written as an overview to the Real-Time Signals, this short booklet fully explains how the signals work and how you can use them to your best benefit. A PDF version for easy printing will be available soon. If you'd like to be notified when this is available, join our mailing list.

  3. Use the Day Trader's Start Page for easy access to the most frequently visited pages such as the Real-Time Signals and Overnight Update Archives.

  4. Read the Tips, Tricks & Techniques. With a complete Table of Contents you can review only those sections you choose, or read the entire Tips section. Each page links to the next in an easy to review fashion. Much more insight into Mr. Holt's trading strategies are presented here. Now, FREE E-book version of entire Tips section.

  5. Read the Q & A's. These are trading questions, questions about the Real-Time Signals, interpreting the Commentary, billing and payment questions, and technical questions about this web site. Locate a particular question you'd like to read and the link will take you to the answer. The Answer pages include the Questions, so you can review the entire series without needing to click back and forth.

  6. Review our Site Map for any other sections of interest such as the Overview to Candlestick Patterns, our Trading Articles, Newsletter for Active Traders Archives, and much more.

With the Daytrader's Bulletin and Mentor Updates you'll receive daily one-on-one training, expert guidance, and individualized attention at a fraction of the cost of a traditional mentoring program. You'll be able to immediately put into practice what you learn every day, and have your questions answered as they occur along the way.

We believe you will gain the necessary trading experience required for success in the shortest possible period of time utilizing our full program. One new subscriber day trading from Australia stated, "... in the last 2 weeks I have cleared $6000 US profit by following your lead, and have had NO LOSING NIGHTS( Days to you!)" Read his entire message and other subscribers' comments.

Submit a free trial request to obtain a free trial of the complete program including the S&P 500 or Nasdaq Real-Time Signals, Overnight Update and Mentor Updates, or if you have already taken a trial and are ready to begin your day trading education, subscribe today.

Please contact us if you have questions, comments or ideas you would like considered.

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