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Value at Risk : The New Benchmark for Controlling Market Risk
Philippe Jorion / published: August 1996 / Hardcover / 332 pgs.
The first book to tackle the important problem of controlling derivatives risks, Value at Risk explains how to use VAR as the cornerstone for managing financial risk, including derivatives, and can provide financial professionals with all the information they need to understand and implement this exciting new concept.
 Trader's Books - Risk & Money Management

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The Mathematics of Money Management : Risk Analysis Techniques for Traders (Wiley Finance Editions)
Ralph Vince / published: April 1992 / Paperback / 400 pgs.
A Reader: "Vince's work is the very best available for the topic of money management in futures trading. If you have ever wondered how many futures contracts you should buy to optimize account growth, what the maximum downside risk is and how to control damage then this book is a must for your trading library. The book is mathematically oriented but if you invest the time to really understand it your ability as a money manager will greatly increase. A must for any serious trader!
 Trader's Books - Risk & Money Management

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The Trading Game
Ryan Jones / published: April 1999 / Hardcover / 256 pgs.
"Money management is the most overlooked part of trading, but is the key to building enormous wealth. Ryan Jones first overviews classical methods and then discusses a new paradigm which, combined with a reliable trading method, can lead to financial security" -- Murray Ruggiero, President, Ruggiero & Associates
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