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 Trader's Books - Novice & Educational Titles to Review

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Understanding & Trading Futures : A Hands-On Study Guide for Investors and Traders
Carl F. Luft / published: September 1994 / Paperback / UK pgs.
A well-written and accessible introduction to futures trading, this book focuses on practical strategies that can be easily applied by average investors. This edition includes sections on currency trading and spreads. Specific topics include: Futures market basics; Fundamental and technical analysis; Speculating, hedging and spreading strategies; Trading stocks, bonds, currencies and soybeans.
 Trader's Books - Novice & Educational

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Trading 101 : How to Trade Like a Pro
Sunny J. Harris / published: July 1996 / Hardcover / 202 pgs.
Written for investment and trading newcomers. Not only explains market jargon and trading basics, but also guides the reader through the how to's of day-to-day futures trading. Very general in nature; good for a basic introduction.
 Trader's Books - Novice & Educational

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Study Guide to Accompany Technical Analysis : Schwager on Futures
Thomas A. Bierovic, Steven C. Turner, Jack D. Schwager / published: September 1997 / Paperback / UK pgs.
Study Guide for the latest book in the Schwager on Futures series, written in the highly-informative yet non-technical style for which the best-selling author is famous. Contains the most complete and in-depth presentation of technical analysis available. Features a synthesis of market analysis along with practical trading considerations.
 Trader's Books - Novice & Educational

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Trading 102 : Getting Down to Business (Wiley Trading Advantage)
Sunny J. Harris / published: October 1998 / Hardcover / 272 pgs.
This unique guide is for individual investors who are thinking about taking the big leap into professional fund management. The first startup guide pitched specifically to the concerns of professional traders, it covers all the bases, from regulations and taxes, to systems development and money management techniques.
 Trader's Books - Novice & Educational

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Getting Started in Futures
Todd Lofton / published: July 1997 / Paperback / 288 pgs.
The universal choice for beginning investors in futures markets, this precisely written, jargon-free guide explains how futures markets operate and tells how contracts are packaged and sold. The third edition covers traditional commodities such as grains and metals, reveals today's investment opportunities, shares profit-making strategies, and covers recent changes in the market. 55 charts & tables.
 Trader's Books - Novice & Educational

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Futures 101 : An Introduction to Commodity Trading
Richard E. Waldron / published: November 1997 / Paperback / 286 pgs.
Futures 101 tells how money is made and lost in today's fast-paced futures market and does so in an interesting style - part commentary, part verse, snippets rather than long chapters. And it does not try to sell you something or promise the moon.
 Trader's Books - Novice & Educational

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All About Commodities : From the Inside Out
Russell R. Wasendorf, Thomas A. McCafferty / published: October 1992 / Paperback / 204 pgs.
All About Commodities is the essential primer for anyone interested in trading commodities as well as an invaluable study aid for the National Commodity Futures Exam. This book enables the reader to form a solid understanding of the markets and their participants, complete with explanations of trading rules, regulations and terms. Practice examinations enable readers to test their knowledge.
 Trader's Books - Novice & Educational

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All About Futures : From the Inside Out
Thomas A. McCafferty, Russell R. Wasendorf (Contributor) / published: May 1992 / Paperback / pgs.
With trading lists and worksheets, All About Futures gives the potential trader a real feel for futures trading, including the methods and strategies that every trader needs to know and understand in order to become successful. This book provides overviews of 15 different markets, contract specifications and a complete glossary. Specific topics include: How to open an account; Selecting a broker; Portfolio management and more.
 Trader's Books - Novice & Educational

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A Complete Guide to the Futures Markets : Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Trading Spreads and Options
Jack D. Schwager / published: June 1984 / Hardcover / 760 pgs.
Focusing on price-forecasting in the commodity futures market, this is the most comprehensive examination of fundamental and technical analysis available. Treats both approaches in depth, with forecasting examined in conjunction with practical trading considerations.
 Trader's Books - Novice & Educational

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The Technical Analysis Course : A Winning Program for Investors & Traders
Thomas A. Meyers / published: November 1993 / Hardcover / 311 pgs.
Excellent intro to technical analysis. Presented in a workbook format, The Technical Analysis Course shows how to use the tools and strategies of technical analysis to uncover profitable opportunities in both the futures and stock markets. Complete with lesson, quizzes, charts and examples, the topics include: The basics of technical analysis; ow to read price charts; Moving averages. oscillators and stochastics; Japanese candlesticks; Point and figure charting.
 Trader's Books - Novice & Educational

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Technical Analysis from A to Z : Covers Every Trading Tool...from Absolute Breadth Index to the Zig Zag
Steven B. Achelis / published: February 1995 / Hardcover / 331 pgs.
This book provides an overview, analysis and mathematical calculations for over 70 different technical indicators. Each entry features an example that shows precisely how the indicator performs in real markets. For traders and investors seeking to understand and profit from technical analysis, Technical Analysis from A to Z will help readers recognize trends and act accordingly.
 Trader's Books - Novice & Educational

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An Interactive Guide to Technical Analysis
Active Books / published: September 1998 / CD-ROM / CD pgs.
An Interactive Guide to Technical Analysis is an electronic book that explains the subject of technical analysis using hundreds of visual popups and animations. The book contains simulations that provide the reader with a hands on experience of charting techniques and technical indicators. A useful tool for day traders, investors and financial professionals
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