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First 48 Days - Nasdaq 100 Real-time Signals

Service began September 18,2000 and data is through the close of November 22, 2000 (actual trades).

Daily and Weekly Averages

  1. 48 days available to trade and 48 days were traded. This service trades every day!
  2. 9 of the 10 weeks traded have been profitable.
  3. 32 of traded days were profitable making Net Profits of $44,250
  4. 16 of traded days were losing days making losses of $13,490.
  5. Based on these numbers, any day has a 66.67% chance of being a winner!
  6. Average winning day makes $1,382.81.
  7. Average losing days loses $ 843.1.
  8. Winning days are 164% larger than losing days and take place twice as often.
  9. The net profits after commisions of $20 and slippage are $30,760.
  10. Profits average is $640.83 per trading day, per trading day available.
  11. The largest losing day was $3220 on September 28, 2000.
  12. The largest winning day was $4020 on September 29, 2000.
  13. The longest losing streak was November 2 to November 7 -- 4 consecutive days that lost $2,540 total. This is an average of -$635 per day.
  14. The longest winning streak was September 29 to October 12, 2000. 10 consecutive days that had profits of $19,380 total. This is an average of $1,938 per day.

Trade-by-trade Averages

  1. 272 trades were made from September 18 through November 22, 2000.
  2. 164 trades have been winners averaging $269.81 per trade entered.
  3. 108 trades have been losses averaging $134.17 per trade entered.
  4. A winning trade is 201% larger than a losing trade on average.
  5. Of the 272 trades made, 96 have been 2-contract entry on NQ or 35.3%.
  6. 64 of the 2-contract entries are winners or 66.67% agreeing with the days.
  7. The balance of trades made, 176 trades have been single contract entry.
  8. 88 of the single contract entries are winners or 53.65% thus illustrating concern to reduce trading size in uncertainty, yet not missing opportunity.

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