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Trading Record - First 6 Months -
Nasdaq Real-time Signals

The first six months of online intraday trading for the emini Nasdaq 100 including commentary, instruction, and Real-time Trading Signals has been completed as of March 16th, 2001.

Accumulated Total Net Profits are $ 48,137.50 after deducting commissions of $14,027.50 and slippage as determined by Time and Sales Records of the CME, 30-60 seconds after the signal time sent checked by Atomic Clock Time.

Total Gross Profits of 88,140.00 were accomplished after commission and slippage cost. Total Gross Losses of $40,002.50 took place including commission and slippage cost. This is a ratio of 2.20 dollars won to dollars lost.

  • 117 of 118 days were traded.
  • Vacation was from Dec. 19, 2000 thru Jan. 2, 2001.
  • 70 days of the 117 days traded were profitable.
  • 47 days of the 117 days were unprofitable.
  • 59.83% of days traded were profitable.
  • 75.00% of weeks traded were profitable. (18 of 24).

  • 767 trades have been made.
  • 460 of these trades are winners averaging $191.61 per trade after commission and slippage.
  • 307 of these trades are losses averaging -$130.30 per trade including commissions and slippage.
  • 454 trades were two lots or 59.19%
  • 313 trades were single contracts or 40.81%.

This is a very active defensively operated trading service that trades one and two lot entries of mini Nasdaq 100. Its sole objective is profit, above all other considerations. These profits are obtained by using whatever method seems appropriate at that point in time.

  • The average profitable day provides $1259.14 in profits.
  • The average losing day costs $851.12.
  • The average winning week makes $3047.87 in profits.
  • The average losing week costs $1020.00.
  • Largest drawdown was $6,820.00 on a closing basis

We make few forecasts for the day before it begins but trade to take as much as we can from what is offered to us by the market. We stop out many successful trades, as it may seem appropriate to do so, rather than sit and wait. If we miss a trade, it is no big deal as another trade is just around the corner. If we have a losing day, it is no big deal as a winning day is just around the corner.

All of this is available to any trader. Take a free one week trial.

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