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What is Risk?
By Ralph Russell

Risk. There is a word! This is a frightening word to many. What is risk? The way I look at risk is probably unique.

Risk is a factor involved in my attempt to do something that I know nothing about. Think about it. If I know (have knowledge of), I have eliminated or reduced risk to a minimum level. All things and procedures in life have risk.

You have risk when you drive your car. You have risk when you eat a steak at a fine restaurant. You have risk when you take an airplane flight, but in these cases the risk is very small.

If you told me your wife or girlfriend had a headache and I suggested we operate on her head, what would be your reaction? Hopefully you would ask me about my credentials, as I reached for my bone saw, that made me think I have the knowledge, experience, and education to perform such an operation. If I suggested that we take your woman down to the public dock on the intercoastal canal to perform this surgery wherein we were going to saw the top of her skull off and take a look at her brain for the problem, I am sure you would argue feverently that I not do this thing.

Why? Because there is great risk to the woman in this case. Why? Because of my lack of experience, lack of education, (my education is in engineering, not brain surgery), lack of a license to perform medicine by the governing authorities, (sitting for an extensive examination by the various state and federal boards of certification), or even the proper tools when I show up for the procedure with a carpenter's saw!

So, we have determined I am not qualified to do this operation, let alone decide it should be done! That is a lot like trading.

A person saves up a few bucks, decides times are good, and his neighbors and co-workers have already told him about their fabulous profits in the markets, so he decides to open an account and trade. Trade???? Boy, let me warn you, trading is every bit as complicated as brain surgery. That is the reason the disclosure documents are so negative,

Disclosure documents almost tell you that you will lose your money! Read them very closely. When you are done reading the fine print, uncolored by the dream of potential profits, you will see that the purpose of the disclosure documents is to warn you of our subject, which is risk. One of the main objectives of is to educate you to eliminate or reduce risk! Yes, in exchange for tuition, a modest fee, we will educate, give you experience, and try to explain why we do a particular trade and not do the next one that may seem apparent to the uneducated and inexperienced.

How is it we know how to advise you? It is because we have traded, investigated, read, and tried to apply all methods and theory advanced by would be and actual traders. It is a lot like a system that has been promoted by Joe Krutsinger. It buys the S&P 500 on Monday at 11:00 o'clock. Wow! If that were all there was to it every one in the world would be buying at 11:00 am on Monday. What a joke!

If the market is in a bullish mode it works extremely well and will fill your pockets a great many Mondays. But I ask you to test it in September of the year 2000. Did we even have a Monday that closed up? I do not know. I did not check it out. Such poppycock is for suckers!

It takes years of study, experience, and battling it out in the trading trenches to be able to do what I demonstrate every day trading the Nasdaq 100 for the Real-time Signals in You must realize you are getting the benefit of the years since 1962 when I installed my first ticker tape so to speak. It gave me the prices at the Chicago Board of Trade every 10 minutes and was called "real time data." Boy, is that a laugh today! It may have been a laugh then but I did not know it! (lack of experience, lack of education, and lack of knowledge!)

My point is just this: Do you want to risk $1000's of dollars trying to learn this business, or do you wish to pay a modest monthly fee, until you develop the skills, the experience, the knowledge necessary to perform effectively as we do on Think about these words! They will be beneficial to your financial health! Take a free trial of the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 Real-time Signals, and you'll see real trading, in real time.

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