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Update on Ralph Russell
by Ralph Russell

Hi there daytraders! Just a note to bring you up to date on my health escapades and the medical gymnastics of getting older.

The reason I am not doing the Nasdaq service is an issue that came up from having almost completely lost my voice. When we found the reason I had an enlarged Thyroid removed on March 19th. It was covered with malignant large cell type B non-Hogkins growths or nodes. I knew something was wrong with me for several months but had no idea what the cause.

Since the surgery, I have taken 8 weeks of chemo-therapy and after a three week rest have taken 17 radiation treatments to my neck. The chemo was not so bad except for the steroids given with it but the radiation made my throat so tender that swallowing water became a challenge at one point a couple weeks ago.

Today, I have all treatment completed. I am scheduled for a Scan on July 31st which should tell us if the treatment has worked and I am cancer free. We will get these answers at medical appointments on August 8th and 9th when we meet with my two oncology doctors.

In the meantime, I am back with the cardiologist trying to get stabilized again. All the treatments have caused various side effects which we are trying to control at this point.

It seems we run to doctors every week for something or the other. The bills to date for this thyroid problem have been almost $120,000.

We have been covered with prayer from family, friends, and our church body. We have been chauffeured by various family members, fed by Helping Hands from church and from family and have been cared for by many who showered us in their love and compassion.

We are overwhelmingly grateful and thankful for the outpouring we have received.

I have known for some time that my soul will outlive my flesh, I turned all these problems over to Him for His outcome and I am still here today in the flesh yet. I have peace within myself knowing that my soul will spend eternity with Him. Amen. Have you considered where your soul will spend eternity?

Thank you all for your past support of our efforts at Daytraders Bulletin. We wish you all very successful trading and success in life's venture.

God Bless,

© 2002 Ralph Russell

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